Domain Registration Services

AEIIA uses Enom Inc for all domain Registrations, Transfers and Renewals. Enom is goverened by an entity called ICANN. They require strict adhearance to the domain policy. This includes the following examples that will affect an enduser or domain owner:

* Domains are technically leased and not owned
* Domains can be registered/renewed for a max of 10 years
* Domain transfers carry over all unused time
* There is a 60 Day lock after a new domain purchase, transfer or change in contact information
* When a domain is overdue, there is a 30 day "Grace Period" in which to make payment with no penalty.
* When a domain renewal is more than 30 days unpaid, the domain is automatically placed in redemption status by the registrar. In order to renew the domain there is a $200 Fee.
* When the domain is 50 days overdue the domain is automatically placed back into the domain pool for anyone to register. Most times the domain is lost to someone else.

Domain Registrations

The act of a new registration is immediate and you can be up and running within a few minutes.

Aeiia users need to remember to add the domain as an addon domain or parked domain in cpanel.

Domain Transfers

Domain transfers are NOT immediate. Transfers can take a few hours or up to 10 days to complete depending on the current registrar. This is an automated process that requires the domain owner to unlock their domain and provide an EPP Transfer Code.

Domain Renewals

The act of the Domain Renewal is immediate with no down time. Renewing early just adds more years to the existing expiry date. There is no need to wait for your renewal date.
Be aware making contact info changes will initiate a 60 domain lock.